IT / ICT, Engineering / Techniek
Per 12 mei 2017
Location: Heerlen
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Welcome to Hack4SmartServices

It shouldn’t be a surprise when we say the world is changing fast. Digitization is becoming the core of all new and existing businesses. The reason for it is deeply rooted in the way we operate as human beings. We’re used to changing technologies, but when technology is changing so fast and deeply as it does today, it does not only change the game, it changes the rules of the game. Many businesses see business models they held on to for years, being challenged. On the other hand, technology provides so many new opportunities as well. If only you could grasp both the technology as well as the business model. If only, you could design the way the future would look like… If only, you could challenge yourself to become a part of that very future… If only…

What is it about?

During the hackathon you will tackle one of the challenges above, using technology. In a small team of 4-6 people, you come up with a solution and work out a proof-of-concept and business plan. Throughout the weekend coaches will help you with different aspects: how to use smart technology, set up experiments, analyze data and build algorithms, write software, make a business case and pitch your idea.

Who should participate?

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and/or a passion for technology, we would love to have you on board. We want to bring together people with different backgrounds: data scientists, engineers, software coders, user experience experts, marketeers, business people, investors … We are looking for students as well as professionals. You can register as a team or as an individual. In the latter case, we will link you with other participants that have complementary skills, so you form a great team.

Why should you participate?

You will discover new technology and meet a lot of people. You will learn how you can transform an idea into a real product. The best teams will be supported after the hackathon and might kick off their own tech start-up. And most of all, there are great prizes up for grabs!



Brightlands Smart Services Campus is a revolutionary institute consisting of brilliant researchers and educators, innovative entrepreneurs, and companies leading the field in human resource management and smart services. Together they will comprise one of the world’s leading locations for smart services.

It offers the latest R&D and knowledge infrastructures, on-campus education, science-oriented business support, and business development services.

Brightlands Smart Services Campus combines a scientific and business ecosystem with labs that merge innovation and expertise—all in a single strategic location. This makes it a unique place where innovative startups and existing corporations, forward-thinking knowledge institutes, brilliant researchers, students, and visionary investors can work together.


May 12, 13, 14, 2017
Entrance fee: 25 euro (students) 75 euro (professionals)

Includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners, awards reception.

Free stay at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus from the beginning until the end of the hackathon for all participants.

We are working on the full schedule/timetable. This will be posted as soon as we have it ready.

You can still participate in the hackathon event, if you did not attend the inspirational event. You can register here.