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Voortman Hackathon

Richting(en): IT / ICT |
Niveau: HBO & WO
Locatie: Rijssen
Startdatum: 19 oktober 2019

Join the Voortman Hackathon 2019, a world of Industrial Automation and big machines. Build software to fuel the Steel Factory of the Future!

The slogan of Voortman Steel Machinery is "Accelerating Your Performance". On October 19 Voortman Steel Machinery organizes a hackathon where we want to solve some of our biggest challenges together with the contenders.

In a time-box of 12 hours we present who we are, what we do and a few challenges. It's up to you, either individually or with a group, to compete with other contenders to define and build the best software solution!

The Challenge...

Of course most information will be shared during the start of the day to prevent anyone having a headstart...

The challenge we face and where we would like to have input from software engineers outside our company has everything to do with the machines that have to do various operations and have to execute those the most optimistic. Not all operations are the same nor the most optimistic is for every customer the same.


  • 9.00 Start of the day and welcome at Voortman
  • 9.00-10.00 Explanation of who we are, the challenges and a tour to get a feeling of what we do
  • 12.00-13.00 Lunch
  • 17.30-18.30 Diner
  • 20.30 Award ceremony

During the day we've plenty of snacks and drinks available for free.

What can you win?

The best hacker or group will win € 1500,-